Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tag, You're It!

I was tagged by Cindy to play a little blog game and it goes like this.....go to your 4th picture folder and click on the 4th picture. Post and give 4 thoughts on the picture....pass on the tag to 4 people!
1. This is from mine & John T.'s trip this year to pick out pumpkins!
2. I really wanted to get more picutures, but I was being stared at by the other people there, and I felt like an idiot!
3. We picked out 2 small pumpkins & 2 medium sized pumpkins to put on our porch.
4. I LOVE FALL! :o)
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat 2008

On Halloween, it is a huge tradition in my family for everyone to come to my mom & dad's to hand out candy and enjoy hot dogs, chili, and tons of other yummy foods! This year, we went all out and had monster toes, ghosts on broomsticks, orange chocolate covered strawberries, & mummy pizzas, just to name a few! We usually have tons of trick-or-treaters, and while we did end up with over 200, it still seemed kind of down this year. We still had tons of fun, though! Before we headed to my mom's, we stopped by John T.'s parents' house to see Jayden all dressed up. She had in her mind that she wanted to be a butterfly but then changed her mind at the last minute to be Cinderella. She looked adorable, as well as all of the trick-or-treaters we had at mom & dad's!
Logan & Abigail Roberts...I LOVED their costumes!
Our first Halloween as husband & wife!
Cinderella (Miss Jayden Armes) ready to go trick or treating! Mason Roberts as Mickey Mouse...he is the cutest ever!
Jessica, Jayden, & John T.

We have been married for OnE mOnTh!

A month ago today I married my best friend! Married life is so much fun, and we are loving it more and more each day! On October 5-October 11, we took a wonderful honeymoon (Carnival) cruise to Nassau & Freeport, Bahamas. We left from Norfolk, VA, on Sunday, October 5. We were on the ocean Sunday & Monday, arrived in Nassau Tuesday morning, and we docked there for two days. Wednesday night we headed out for Freeport and arrived there early Thursday morning. We left Thursday night and headed back to Norfolk, VA, and arrived there early Saturday morning. It was so incredibly relaxing, and we enjoyed every minute of it!
We just got on the boat in Norfolk, VA!
At the Atlantis Resort in Nassau
Us with one of our many towel favorite!
The Lido Deck