Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Carson {4 months}

Carson, you are 4 months old!

Weight/Height/Head Circumference:

We went to see Dr. James Monday for your 4 month check-up, and you weighed 15.8 pounds (60th percentile), you were 25 3/4 inches long (80th percentile) & your head circumference was 43 cm (90th percentile)! You are growing like a weed!

Clothing Size:

You are still wearing mostly 0-3 months clothes, but a few 3-6 months, too. The 0-3 months clothes are becoming pretty snug!


You are still wearing a size 1 diaper, but after we finish this pack, we are moving you up to size 2 because you are ready! 


Yay! We have finally had a successful month with your feedings! Your reflux, while it is still present, has improved so much this last month. You eat 5 ounces about every 3 hours, and you eat 6 ounces in your bedtime bottle. You are still drinking Similac Alimentum, and we are so thankful to have finally found the right formula for you. :o) :o)


Your hair is still a dirty blonde color, and your bald spot is disappearing since you are sleeping on your belly now. :o) Your eyes are still blue!


You still do your best sleeping at night! When I went back to work, though, you decided that you needed to wake up once to eat. At first, you would wake up right when I did @ 4:30, which was interesting those first few mornings... LoL, then you decided to wake up at 2:30 instead, and then you met in the middle at 3:00, and that's what you've pretty much stuck with....until this week! The past two nights, you have woke up at 12:00 & 4:00 to eat. Not sure if you are just super hungry or what, but you go right back to sleep after drinking your bottle, so I am thankful for that! We finally broke you of the swaddle & the rock n play last month! You started rolling on your belly in your swaddle, and that just wasn't working, so it was time! At night, you sleep in your crib in your SwaddleMe Wrapsack, which is pretty much like a wearable blanket. You sleep exclusively on your belly...always! I lay you down on your back, but you immediately roll over. This made me nervous for the first few nights, but we are all used to it now! Since you have been rolling, you will now let me rock you with your head on my chest, which you have never, every let me do! I'm loving that!
Naps...oh naps... :) you sleep the best & longest when someone is holding you, but you will also sleep in your swing, for about 30-45 minutes. So pretty much, on my off days, I just hold you with the support of the Boppy & catch up on my TV shows. :) you are happiest this way...but if I just have to get stuff done, I will put you in the swing. 

Other Stuff:

You still LOVE bath time!

You are reaching for anything & everything!

You LOVE to be on your belly, and you scoot all over the place. I can lay you one spot, and you will be in another spot within seconds! You have started rolling around & around & roll right after another! It's so funny to watch you!

You love toys & books.

You have been to church twice. The first time, you slept right through it. The second time, you were awake & ready to play! :o)

Before your bath every night, we always play on mama & daddy's bed, and I love laying with you. You love grabbing at my face & when I give you lots of kisses on your belly & neck!

You love smiling, and you also love being serious! :o)

You are a very, very curious little one! You are fascinated by the smallest things!

Here was our schedule on Monday 3/24/14:

7:00-awake for the day
8:50-nap for 2 hours (in mama's arms, while I caught up on the DVR!)
12:00-leave for Target & dr.'s appt; nap in the car
2:45-dr.'s appt
3:30-nap on the way home
5:50-nap for 40 minutes

Pictures from your 4th month:

Products we love @ 4 months:

Summer SwaddleMe Wrapsacks

These keep you warm & seem pretty comfy to you! I love that they zip at the bottom for an easy diaper change at your nighttime feeding.