Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lots of pretty people in Indiana

I am so pumped that my second favorite contestant won tonight! Congratulations, Katie Stam (Miss Indiana), Miss American 2009! It's not like she reads my blog or anything, but I'm so glad that she won! Like I said in my previous post, I LOVE watching the Miss America pageant. I got my popcorn ready and settled in for the 2 hours of cute bathing suits, beautiful evening gowns, talents, & the always lovely question & answer. I would just die if I had to answer some of the questions that were asked tonight right off the top of my head! Miss Tennessee (my number #1) was beautiful. I LOVED her evening gown! The 3 girls I voted for last night all made it to the top 15, so I was excited from the start!
Another pretty person that lives in Indiana I couldn't forget! :o)


Since both of my football teams (VOLS & the Colts) didn't make it too far this football season, I'm hoping that the Vols basketball team can turn things around for our household. :o) And BTW, I am so excited about Lane Kiffin & Vols football this fall!!! Today I say: Go VoLs, beat the TiGeRs!!
Lane is pretty darn hot :o) John T. thinks his wife isn't too shabby either. LoL

Miss America 2009

Does anyone else besides me have an obsession with watching Miss America/Miss USA/well, really any pageants?? I just love watching them, whether on TV or in person. I remember watching them with my mom since I was little. We would NEVER miss them! I even jumped at the opportunity to write about pageants on college assignments! I remember when I had Mass Media Studies my sophomore year, we had to blog about something popular in the media at the time, and I was assigned to blog about the month of January. This was the first year that the Miss America pageant was not shown on either NBC, ABC, CBS, etc., and was shown on CMT, and that's what I blogged about. In speech class, my freshman year, for my informative speech, I did the history of Miss America! LoL..I know I sound crazy! Tonight is the Miss America 2009 pageant on TLC at 8:00 P.M., and I can't wait to watch it! I have been keeping up with Miss America: Countdown to the Crown reality series that has been on TLC for a few weeks. Last night, the show gave America the opportunity to vote for four girls out of 15 selected from the show (they had to compete in different challenges to make it into the 15). Sadly, Miss Tennessee did not make it into the 15, but she still has a great chance (in my opinion) in the actual pageant. Anyways, the polls opened after the show last night, and after I finished watching, I went here to vote for my top four! I voted for Miss Georgia, Miss Alabama, & Miss Indiana (twice! she is definitely my favorite, besides Miss Tennessee, of course). I felt like the show only featured a handful of girls (I never saw an interview with Miss Tennessee), so it should be interesting to see all of them tonight! I just went here, and saw where Miss Indiana & Miss Georgia have already won preliminary competitions held in the past couple of nights!!
Miss Alabama--Amanda Tapley
Miss Georgia--Chasity Hardman
Miss Indiana--Katie Stam

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, John T.!

HaPpY 23rd BiRtHdAy, babe!! I love you so incredibly much, and I hope you have a GREAT day! :o)
Before life jacket check on the honeymoon cruise!
Enjoying Norfolk, VA Christmas 2008

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alan!

Happy 23rd Birthday to my good friend AlAn!! We went to nuc. med. school together our last year of college @ VUMC. I hope you have a great day, buddy!!
Me, Jessica Riley, & Alan in St. Louis @ the Arch