Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Weekend

This weekend, we got about 4 inches of snow. I know this may not seem like a lot at all to some people, especially those from the north, but to us here in east TN, it is a lot! It was enough to keep me in from when I got home Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon when I had to get out to get a few groceries & a Sonic ocean water. John T. worked all weekend, so we didn't get to go sledding & 4-wheeling like everyone else in the world, which made me sad, but I was just so thankful he was able to get back & forth to work safely. I survived the weekend with what's in the picture below..goldfish, trail mix, Coke Zero, Rachel Ray (everything Food Network, actually) & my Esther Bible study. I also broke out my new Shark Steam mop, and I got a lot of cleaning done. I never thought I would be so excited to mop, but I LOVE that mop! Sunday, I was able to make snow cream, and it was so yummy! I got a lot done & really enjoyed the weekend.
Waking up to this on Saturday morning...
The sun rising early Sunday morning
Snow cream incredients: sugar, vanilla extract, snow & milk When John T. came home from work, we had snow cream & brownies! :o)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January, so far...

Since the new year, we have had lots of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures! Today, however, felt like spring. It was great! Since new year's, John T. & I have been busy working, but we did find time to remodel our guest bedroom/bathroom on the past 2 weekends. We changed the whole color scheme in both rooms, and I am in love with it all! We also had our shower replaced by Bath Fitter yesterday, and it is beautiful! We are both so happy with their work!

Last Thursday, January 14, John T. celebrated his 24th birthday!! :o) I invited both of our families over for a taco ring, chips/salsa, & ice cream cake from Maggie Moo's! We had a great night, and John T. got some wonderful gifts! We are SO blessed!

The snow that stayed with us for about a week!
Ice cream cake!
Happy 24th Birthday, babe!! I love you!!
The Armes'

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day

John T. & his dad went to cheer on the Vols at the Chick Fil-A bowl in Atlanta on New Year's Eve, so I spent the night with my mom & dad, just like old times! :o) We had a great night, just watching the game & when it was over we switched it over to Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve and watched the ball drop (it's a tradition!).

For lunch on New Year's Day, we went to Minnie's (JT's granny's) to eat hog jowl, black eyed peas, cabbage, pinto beans, fried potatoes & cornbread. Now, if that's not southern, I don't know what is! It was so good! I had lots of hog jowl & 3 black eyed peas for "good luck" in 2010.

Cornbread & hog jowl Pintos, black eyes peas, fried potatoes, & cabbage

I'm having breakfast in the morning with mom & 2 of my 2nd moms, Teresa & Donna, at Cracker Barrel, and then John T. & I are going to do lots of shopping in Knoxville. I hope everyone has a great weekend!