Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Carson {8 months}

Carson, you're 8 months old!

Weight/Height/Head Circumference:

I'm totally guessing at all of these measurements, but I would say you are probably 19-20 pounds, 28" long, and your head circumference is around 45 cm. You don't go back to the doctor until August 22 for your 9 month check-up.

Clothing Size:

You are wearing mostly 6-9 months in your clothes. You can still wear some 3-6 months shorts/pants, too. You were a size 3 in shoes.


You are wearing size 3 diapers (Pampers Cruisers).


You are still doing great on Similac Alimentum formula. You are down to eating 4 ounces about every 3 hours during the day (@ 7,10,1 &4) & 8 ounces in your bedtime bottle. You have become a wiggle worm when you drink your bottle! I have to turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & sit you in my lap for you to sit long enough to finish your bottle!

You are loving your baby food, too! There hasn't been one thing you have tried that you haven't liked. I have bought the Plum Organics & happy baby pouches and Beech Nut jars. I have also continued to make a few foods, too. I could go crazy in the baby food aisle!

You also love puffs & creamies by happy baby!


You have a lot of hair! It has really grown in the last month! It's getting more blonde! Your eyes are still blue.


You still go to bed so easily at night in your crib & sleep great. Your bedtime is around 7:00. You have been a roll the last couple of weeks & slept from 7:00p-6:00a. If we don't have to work, we will go get you, and let you sleep with us until you wake up @ 7:00. You NEVER sleep past 7:00...I'm convinced you have a little alarm clock in your head that is always set for 7:00a! We are SO thankful for your nighttime sleep! You still take 2-3 naps during the day, and they are usually catnaps, but sometimes, you will sleep for an hour and a half (most of time, it's on Sundays, when we need to leave for church!) :)

Other stuff:

You love to pull hair! whew...sometimes, it hurts!!

You got your first two bottom teeth this month! The bottom right came in first, followed by the left.

One night, when your teething was at its peak, you refused to sleep in your crib. REFUSED. We have never, ever had any issues with you falling asleep in your crib, so I knew you must have really been hurting. You ended up sleeping with us that night, and man, were we tired the next morning! Whew...I think all 3 of us sleep much better when we're in our own bed, but you were pretty cuddly! Ever since that night, you have slept with your stuffed giraffe, and thankfully, we haven't had anymore issues!

We tried to start you on Similac Advance this month, but you didn't do very well on it, so we quickly switched back to our trusty Similac Alimentum! You are just super sensitive to milk protein...

Ripping pages out of magazines is one of your favorite things to do!

We went to Ripley's Aquarium for the first time with granny on July 3rd.

You celebrated your first 4th of July! Since your normal bedtime is 7:00, it was super hard for you to stay awake for the firework show at grammy & papaw's. You made it to about 8:30, and you were done! You literally fell asleep upright in my arms!

You had your first trip to Dollywood!

You learned to give open mouth kisses! It's just about the sweetest thing ever. :o)

You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!! LOVE it... you have really started getting into watching TV this month.

You "voted" in your first election! :)

After naps, your hair is just wild...so funny! Aunt Tia & uncle Dev gave you your first mohawk!

Our typical schedule @ 8 months:
7:00-4oz. bottle
8:00-breakfast (oatmeal cereal & fruit)
10:00-4oz. bottle
11:30-lunch (fruit & veggie)
1:00-4oz. bottle
4:00-4oz. bottle
5:00-supper (fruit & veggie or oatmeal cereal & veggie)
7:00-8oz. bottle & bedtime

Pictures from your 8th month:

Products we love @ 8 months:

These are soy, corn, dairy & wheat free, & they are perfect for you! You LOVE them! You've tried the apple, banana & purple carrot & blueberry flavors.

These are dairy free (made with coconut milk)! This is your favorite flavor...