Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be My Valentine

The past week flew by! I love having different things to do during the week, but man, it makes it go by fast!

Tuesday was one of my most favorite holidays! I love everything about Valentine's Day...the colors, the meaning, having the excuse to eat a few treats. :o)

We had a pretty low key V-Day. After I got off work, I picked up some cupcakes from Carly & headed home to make our favorite meal that I have blogged about recently, Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta!

{These cupcakes were divine}

We ate supper, exchanged our gifts for each other & just hung out. It was a perfect night! I am so incredibly blessed with an amazing, wonderful husband!

{I found this idea on Pinterest & just had to do it! Rolos, red paper, black pipe cleaner & gold ribbon}

Wednesday night, we went to watch the Vols & the Hogs play. It was a great game!


Our weekend has been pretty low this morning, lunch, coupon clipping/printing this afternoon, & I have Cupcake Wars playing in the background! 

Two side notes: can I just say that YouTube has been my friend lately?! For a while now, I have been wanting to change my eye make-up routine. I have been seeing tweets about this make-up artist's videos being life changing in the make-up area, and, wow...I learned that just a few simple tricks can transform what my eye make-up looks like! I typically use all Clinique products, give or take a few, and I dug out some of my old eye shadows this morning, followed along with the tutorial with what I had on hand, and I was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely remember her tricks from now on! 

And...this afternoon, while I was printing coupons from Target, my printer kept jamming. Paper jam, then carriage jam...drove me nuts!! I tried everything (I thought) to fix it, but I finally broke down & googled my problem. With the help of YouTube, I realized my camera memory card (that I left sitting on top of the  printer) fell & was stuck inside the printer. I had to open a little door on the bottom of the printer to retrieve it! You have no idea how excited I was that it was a simple fix. We just bought the printer a month ago! ha! Thank you, YouTube!

I hope everyone has a great week!

I want to leave you with a picture I found yesterday on a blog that really spoke to my heart. This is awesome, so true & I so needed to see it!

This is another one I loved that I saw on Pinterest recently...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Friday

This past Friday was the only day either of us would have the full day off together for a while, so we decided to make it a date day!

We slept in and then headed to Knoxville for lunch at Dead End BBQ. 

This was our first time to eat here, and its was really good. John T. got ribs, and I got a combo of pork & chicken. They served a choice of sweet or jalapeƱo cornbread or Texas toast, & we both tried the sweet. It was so good!They had lots of high school & UT sports memorabilia, & it was a pretty cool atmosphere. 

After lunch, we headed to mall for a little shopping, then to Target (they were having a huge sale on bulk items, and I could have went crazy! love Target!), then finally to the movies to see The Vow. It was a sweet movie, but I actually didn't like it as much as other Nicholas Sparks movies. Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, but it wasn't as emotional for me as others, like The Notebook, Dear John & especially The Last Song.

The best part of the day was when John T. suggested we stop by the Cup before heading home! :o) He got two Tuxedo cupcakes, & I tried the Island was scrumptious!! 

We had a wonderful, great, amazing day!!

When we got home, we went to watch Jayden play in one of her last basketball games of the season. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday {better late than never}

Last Sunday night, our friends Tim & Amber had us over to their house for a Super Bowl party. We are huge Colts fans, and well, we all know how their season went this year, so we pulled for the next best player & team, Eli & the Giants!

We had the best time, with lots of food, catching up & playing with Brayden & Addy!

We had so much yummy food! 

{Giants inspired cupcakes by Carly Harrison