Sunday, May 4, 2014

Carson {5 months}

Carson, you are 5 months old!

Weight/Height/Head Circumference:

I don't know for sure, but I bet you weigh close to 16 pounds. You are about 26 inches long, and your head circumference is around 43 cm. 

Clothing Size:

You are wearing 3-6 months in all of your clothes, and a size 2 or 3 in shoes, just depending on how they're made. :)


You are wearing size 2 diapers. We love all brands of diapers (except Luvs!). 


You are still doing great on Similac Alimentum formula. You eat 6 ounces about every 3 hours during the day & 7 ounces in your bedtime bottle. We are still dealing with your acid reflux, but you are off of the Carafate, and your AR is so much better than it used to be. Hopefully, when we start baby food in the next few weeks, it will get even better!


Your hair is still a dirty blonde color, and your eyes are still blue. Sometimes, they have a green tint to them in the middle, but most of the time, they are just blue.


You still go to bed so easily at night in your crib & sleep great. Most times, you will wake up once to eat, but other times, you sleep right on through. Thanks to granny Deb finding a magical swing (see below), you now take great naps during the day! Sometimes you just take 30-45 minute cat naps, but other times, you will sleep for almost 1-2 hours. We are SO thankful! :o)

Other Stuff:

You are trying your absolute best to crawl. You can get up on your knees and move your right arm, but you haven't quite figured out the left arm yet. :o) You love to scoot, do "push-ups" & act like you are going to do a forward roll! You love to be on your belly!

You can sit up on your own, but you would much rather be moving around, so you don't stay seated for very long.

You love touching anything & everything. (and anything & everything goes straight to your mouth!)

You LOVE being outside!---this is your favorite thing! You also love to be walked around outside so you can touch the trees, flowers, etc.!

You still LOVE bath time!

So far, you are still a fan of your car seat. Anytime we go somewhere, you always fall asleep in it.

You hate crowds and being talked to/touched while in a crowd! hate fellowship time at church! ;o)

You also hate to be pinned down or kept in one area. You would much rather move around & see what's going on!

Here was our schedule today 5/4/14:

7:00-awake for the day
7:25-playtime (watched the Disney Channel, played with your toys & walked outside)
8:45-nap for 30 minutes (in your swing)
9:15-swung outside on the porch swing
11:20-nap for 40 minutes (in your swing)
12:00-playtime, leave for grammy & papaw's
2:00-nap in grammy's arms in the swing outside
4:20-playtime outside
5:30-mama made a trip to Sonic & you slept on the way
7:05-bedtime bottle
7:20-asleep for the night in your crib

Pictures from your 5th month:

*thank you Dr. James for the formula stash! :o)

Products we love @ 5 months:

MAM 6 month Pacis
You love these pacis, and I love that they come in such cute colors & patterns!

Munchkin Bottle Warmer
Since we have to use the ready-to-feed formula, we pre-make all of your bottles & store them in the fridge. This bottle warmer is quick, easy to use & doesn't take up much space. Love it!

Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags
These are great for sterilizing bottles, bottle parts & pacis. I have used them since day one!

aden & anais muslin blankets
We've also used these since day one. They are so lightweight (great for summer), & you love to chew on them! You like to be wrapped up with one of these when you nap. :o)

Graco Glider Petite Swing
This is your miracle swing! :o) I'm not sure if you like that it goes back & forth, instead of side to side like your other swing, but whatever it is, you love it, and go sound to sleep within minutes of being in it.