Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last wedding shower!

On Friday, September 19, John T.'s dad's side of the family hosted a shower for us @ his granny's church. Only 4 days left!! WoO hOo!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding Shower with the Hill Family

On Sunday, September 14, my mom's side of the family, the Hill's, hosted a wedding shower for me @ mom & dad's. I love getting together with these people. I laugh my head off no matter what we are doing! Thanks for all of the GrEaT gifts!!
Cousin Sheila pinning my corsage
Loved the cake, mints, & the best cheesball ever!

Cute bride & groom card

OuR gIfTs!

Wedding Shower @ the Clem's

On Sunday, September 7, my aunt Sharon & cousins Robin & Tracy hosted a shower for me @ Robin's house in Rockwood. We got so many great things and are blessed beyond belief by wonderful family & friends!
Mom & me with my future in-laws

Our first Christmas ornament from John T.'s mom, Lorrie...I <3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5246103197371595026" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mfJosUlOLPA/SM3nEB5f-RI/AAAAAAAAAKc/ZAviHEJuzAU/s320/S7301776.JPG" border="0">

Me with the hostesses, Sharon, Tracy, & Robin

with cousin McKenzie

Hill Family Get-together on Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday, August 30, the Hill family got together for Labor Day and to shower my cousin Drew & Amy with gifts. They are getting married October 18. It is so neat that Drew & I were born in the same year, getting married in the same year & same month, and going to the same place on our honeymoons! I wish them lots & lots of love & good times!
Talking with cousin Susie, Summer, & Crystal
Lots of presents

This was so cute!

Amy & Drew

Southern Living at Home Shower

On the Thursday after I got back (August 28), my friends Donna Isham & Donna Ault hosted a Southern Living at Home bridal shower for me @ Donna Ault's clubhouse in her neighborhood in Powell, TN. It was similar to the Pampered Chef shower, in that I picked out items I liked beforehand, and then everyone who came to the shower picked something to buy for me & John T. (I have to throw him in, even though most of the stuff is for decorating the house!). A lot of ladies from mom's work came, along with some close family & friends. It was wonderful! :o)
We had chicken strips from Zaxby's & yummy baked potatoes, just to name a few things!
My Southern Sippers Pitcher from Donna Moates

Our cute cake

Some of the ladies at the shower + ClAy. Teresa, Donna I., me, mom, Donna A., and Donna M.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Graduation

On Monday, August 25, I along with 7 other students (Adam, Emily, Jessica, Alan, Misty, Deb, & Mark) graduated from Vanderbilt's Nuclear Medicine Technology program. It was an exciting but sad night. The exciting part was that I made my last trip to Nashville (for school) with John T. on Monday morning. We stopped @ Opry Mills on the way and then met everyone else (mom, dad, Sharon, Daryl, Clayton, Donna, & Clay) at the University Club on Vanderbilt's campus for the graduation that night. Jessica & Adam made a slideshow of all of our memories throughout the year, and it was so good! :o) They did a great job! It was sad saying goodbye to everyone, especially Karol (our secretary)...the woman made me ball like a baby. It was so nice knowing that I was going home for good, though...that was the best feeling ever! Enjoy the pictures (the hairdo was not looking so hot because it was a rainy day, and John T. & I decided to waste time before graduation and walk around Vandy's campus, and we got even more drenched than we were!)
John T. & the Jessicas :o)
Emily & me

Adam & I were excited to be done with nuc. med. school!

Dr. Patton (our program director), me receiving my certificate, & Rita (our educational coordinator)

My best buddy, JeSsIcA rIlEy

Me with the future hubbers <3

I love mom & dad so much!

It's been a while...

Ok, I have been so behind on my blogs, but hopefully, I will catch everyone up in these next few. These last two weeks have been fun-filled! We have had 3 more wedding showers, a yard sale at our new house, lots of days trying to organize the house, bridal portraits, and I passed my NMTCB boards this past Friday, and I am now a CNMT (Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist). WoO hOo!! :o) I also talked with Ft. Loudoun Medical Center in Lenoir City, and I'm pretty sure that I will have a job in the works after we get back from the Bahamas! Lots of exciting news!