Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 really doesn't even seem like Christmas has come & gone, but yet again it has.

Christmastime for us is always very busy, and this year was no different. The week of Christmas, I worked & was on call Mon.-Fri., and we had parties 4 out of those 5 days.

Monday night, we ate pizza and exchanged presents with the Isham's. For some reason, I didn't get any pictures, but John T. & I received matching (his is blue & mine is white) Colts jackets & gift cards. Clay, the Isham's son, and pretty much my little brother at heart, got lots of John Deere gear & gift cards. I always look forward to spending this night with Donna, Clayton, Clay & my mom & dad!

Tuesday night, we went to John T.'s granny's to exchange presents with her & eat yummy treats! We always get way too many presents from her, but we love her so much! :o)

Us at granny Minnie's

Wednesday, I had my work party & that night, we went to Tim & Lorrie's to exchange presents with them & John T.'s sisters.

 Taleah with her VB from us
 Jayden & her dippin' dots maker
 So many boxes & paper!

I had to work half of the day on Christmas Eve, so after I got off, I went to JT's mamaw Eva's house to exchange presents with her and eat supper with JT's extended family. JT had to work midnights, so I went everywhere by myself on Christmas eve. I missed him so much!

Taleah & me

I couldn't stay at Eva's too long because I had to meet my mom & dad and head to Loudon for Christmas Eve at my aunt Sharon & uncle Daryl's.

Last year, Sharon bought a yule log for us to try, and oh my goodness, it was amazing, so she promised she would buy another one this year, and it was yet again, amazing...& so cute! Thank you VG's Bakery in Farragut!

 I love their house at is so pretty!

On Christmas morning, John T. got home really early. When I went to the door to meet him, I saw that we had a white Christmas! There was snow everywhere, and it was so pretty!

 We opened presents from each other as soon as he came in, and then we went back to bed!
I love my new North Face coat!
 New Colts apparel
 Looking at our yard, later in the day.... After JT woke up, we went to Tim & Lorrie's for ham & rolls and then headed to Harriman to see my nanny, poppy, mom & dad.
    Driving down the mountain to get to my nanny's: it was so pretty!
 Christmas Day lunch at nanny's
 We exchanged presents with the fam, and then it was time for John T. to go back in to work.

We hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas! I know we did. We are definitely blessed beyond measure!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to Leslie @ giraffic arts for creating our Christmas card!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes 2010

Today, I am linking up to Kelly's Korner & participating in...

I have mentioned many, many times before how much I love Christmas & decoarting for it! This year I did two trees...

 The big tree
 I did all of my wrapping in zebra, red & green, and I really like how everything turned out!
 I ususally get a couple of ornaments from Hallmark, and this one is the 2nd in its collection. I have the one from 2009 as well. This year it is cupcakes & last year was cookies. :o)
                       My mom has bought me the healthcare ornament since my graduation in 2008
 I got this ornament last year from ella minnow pea, and I just LOVE it!
 The back of it
 This is my new tree: an Indianapolis Colts tree! I love how it turned out!

   I got all of the ornaments except the two different ones on sale after Christmas last year from Wal-Mart
 The blue, silver & white presents under the tree
 Shelf decorations
            Our stockings: we do not have a fireplace, so the fridge makes a great hanging place. LoL :o)
 Kitchen towel

 Kitchen table

Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


We had a very eventful & very fun weekend!

It started out Friday night. I got off work at 5:00 & headed home to meet John T. & then headed back out to Maryville to eat supper with my high school friends & their husbands. We orignally planned to eat at Cheddar's, but it was too packed, so we went to Chili's instead. It was so good! Our side of the table stuffed ourselves pretty good with chips & salsa. I love spending time with these girls & their hubbys!

Brittany & Daniel were home from middle TN for the weekend, and I was so happy to see them! This will be the last time I see Britt before baby Easton is born. :o)
John T. & me
The whole gang
Me & Brittany
I had to have a belly pic of her! :o)

Saturday morning, we got up bright & early and headed to Coalfield for Jayden's second basketball game of the season. They won again 14-2! She is so funny to watch!

After Jayden's game, we came home & I made sausage balls & decorated cupcakes for a Christmas party we went to Saturday night. Afterwards, I headed to Harriman to eat lunch with mom at Cracker Barrel (yum!) & go on the Harriman Christmas Home Tour. We had a great time, & the houses were beautiful! I think this year was my favorite!
Mom & I getting ready to leave
Me & my dad

We went to the Ellis Family Christmas party on Saturday night (sorry, no pics) & came home to finish addressing Christmas cards. I think I finally have them all mailed out now!

Sunday morning, I was called in to work for a girl that had the stomach bug, so I didn't get to go to church. I got home around 4:15, and we spent the rest of the night watching the snow!

We got so much snow!! Tonight around 8:30, we decided that in order for John T. to get to work in the morning, he needed to borrow his dad's 4-wheel drive, so we headed out in all of the snow to get his truck. The roads weren't that slick, but they were just rough to drive on.
 I took this pic on our way back from his parents' house

It is a winter wonderland!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!