Sunday, December 22, 2013

Carson {1 month}

Carson! you are one month old today!

Weight/Height/Head Circumference:

You haven't been to the doctor since your 2 week check-up on December 6, but then you weighed 8 pounds (40th percentile), 21 1/4 inches long (80th percentile), and your head was 37 1/4 cm (80th percentile). We go back to the doctor on January 3, and I can't wait to see what your stats are then!  

Clothing Size:

All of your pants are still newborn, but you wear 0-3 months in pretty much everything else.


You are wearing a size 1 diaper...we ran out of newborn diapers on Friday, so we decided to just go ahead & put you in the size 1s. Pampers are definitely are favorite diapers! Huggies were good the first couple of weeks, though, when your umbilical cord was still attached. We love Huggies & Pampers wipes, too! 


You're eating 3.5-4 ounces of mama's milk in a bottle at every feeding. You eat every 1.5-3 hours during the day (just depending on how long you nap), and most nights, you will go 4 hours before your first nighttime feeding. You LOVE eating. When you wake up from your nap (if it's been a long one), I better have a bottle ready! You can go from bloody murder screaming to calm as a cucumber when you get that bottle! Eating is one thing we have never had an issue with, except for the fact that you eat so fast & spit up after every daytime feeding (notice the spit up on your arm in your picture!). You rarely spit up at night though because you eat slowly because you are sleepy.


Your hair is still a dirty blonde color & you haven't seemed to lose much since you were born. Your eyes are turing from a greenish blue to a blue color.


Your sleep habits during the day are always a surprise. :o) I never know if I am going to have time to eat, take a shower, pump, etc., I just have to do everything fast! You love to be rocked to sleep, and I honestly don't know if you would ever sleep during the day if I didn't make you. When you do take a good nap, you usually sleep about 2.5 hours. Other times, you will wake up after about 20-30 minutes because you have trouble pooping! Dr. James warned us about this at your last appointment, but I didn't think much of it then. This all just started last Wednesday, and it has been rough! You will wake up & fuss until it's time to eat again. We go from place to place in the house trying to console you. From the dishwasher, to the swing, to vacuuming, we have tried it all. Sometimes one thing works one day & the next it doesn't! I called Dr. James to see if we could do anything else about it (meds, etc), and his nurse just said we kind of had to wait it out, and that it shouldn't last too long. I sure hope it doesn't! Once you poop, you're fine, it's just getting to that point! So... you pretty much take either a long nap or short nap, no in between! I am learning that you NEED your sleep, too, or you are very, very cranky! We swaddle you for every nap & at bedtime, and you seem to like it. You tend to wake yourself up because you always moving your hands around, so the swaddle helps! 

You have always done great sleeping at night. Most nights, your bedtime is around 9-9:30 after you have had a bath & bottle. You will go to sleep & wake up between 12:30-2 to eat & then again around 5:30-6:30, sometimes earlier, it just depends. Last night, we had two Christmas parties, and you were not so happy about getting out of the house! You threw a massive fit at Altruda's at my work party and cried the whole way home in your carseat, which you have never done! Usually the carseat soothes you more than anything. Granny Deb finally got you to sleep by holding you in front of the running dishwasher. You konked out at 11:00 & woke up at 3:00 to the point, it had been 5 hours since you last ate, and you have never gone that long! You were exhausted, and I was, too!

*just a side note, so I will remember these crazy times... It has literally taken me all day to write this post because of your craziness today! You took one good 2.5 hour nap early this morning (I napped, too) & the rest of the day, you have cat napped & fussed. It's 10:30pm, and you have been snoozing now for an hour and a half. yahoo! :o)

Other Stuff:

You've just started really smiling in the past few days, & it melts my heart! I LOVE to see you smile!
You are definitely the happiest after you eat. I soak up every moment of that time, which is usually about 30 minutes, then you let me know that you are sleepy with lots of cries! ;o)
You love bath time! It is your favorite part of the day (along with eating!).
You have found the TV and love staring at it. I will lay you on your ladybug playmat in under the TV & you seem to really like it.
You make a whistling face like I did when I was a baby, and it is so funny. I can't catch it with my camera though because you are too fast! 
You love moving your arms & are constantly moving unless you are in a deep sleep. 
The baby acne has hit over the past week. I'm hoping it goes away as fast as it came!

Pictures from your first month:

Products We Love @ 1 month:

Triple Paste

When you were just a few days old, you pooped A LOT! We were always changing your diaper, and this diaper rash paste worked the best for us. We tried lots of others, too, but this did the trick instantly!

Fisher Price Rock 'N Play Sleeper

This, by far, is a miracle item. You have slept in this since the day we brought you home. We tried to put you in your crib last week for your naps, and you were not having it! We put this beside your crib in your room & (when you sleep), you sleep like a champ in it! :)


You LOVE your Wubbanubs, especially when we are riding in the car. You have the elephant, giraffe, lion & dinosaur, and we got you the monkey & blue bear for Christmas. You can never have too many Wubbanubs! I love matching them with your outfits, too! ;o)

MAM Pacifiers
We use this paci when you go to sleep. It is easier for you to hold in your mouth for a longer period of time!

Summer Infant Swaddleme Wraps
We tried swaddling with plain swaddle blankets, but they just didn't work for us. These wraps are much easier to use! We really like the ones that zip, too, but you have outgrown them.

Boogie Wipes
These are great, not only for boogies, but I like using them for your peeling skin & eye matter & just to clean your little face!

Motorola Digital 2.8" Video Baby Monitor (@ Target)
Love this baby monitor! The sound & picture are perfect!

oh, & chocolate for mama! lots & lots of chocolate! ;o)