Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini Vacation-Day ThReE

Sunday was definitely my favorite day of our mini-vaca. We slept in, which was fabulous, and then we rented bikes for the day. I have not been on a bike in years, let me tell you, so it was awkward at first, but then I got my groove back! We biked for about two hours, and afterwards, we went back to Freshfields Village to eat lunch. We ate at this old-fashioned gas station that had a deli inside. It was very yummy!

We then headed back to our villa, and John T. & I went to the pool. The pool was private, and when we got there, there were only 5 or 6 other people. They ended up leaving after a little while, and we had the whole thing to ourselves. We swam & napped! It was two of the most relaxing hours of my life!

After lounging by the pool, we came back and got ready for supper in Charleston.

Us before leaving KI
The famous King St. A guy John T. works with recommended we eat at Jim & Nick's BBQ, so that's where we went. was amazing! And...when we got back to TN, I was driving on Lovell Rd., near Turkey Creek and realized Knoxville was getting one! SUPER excited about this!
I heart these little cornbread/bisquit/muffins!
Pig in a Potato Patch! YUMMO!
JT's ribs

Our last day was definitely the best! :o) I heart Charleston & KI!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mini Vacation-Day TwO

We left KI early this morning and drove back in to Charleston for a private tour of the town. We started out at this bed & breakfast that overlooked the water. It was so pretty & the food was delicious!

We spent the next couple of hours driving/walking around the city admiring all that Charleston has to offer.
This was the First Baptist Church...literally the first one in the U.S.
One of our last stops was this beautiful backyard garden. The man that owned it was a retired radiologist & has done the upkeep of the garden for years. It was so beautiful.
We were so tired & very hungry when we made it back to KI, so we decided to try this little pizzeria that was in the shopping area of the island.
I thought it was so funny that they did not serve sweet's the south, come on! So, they brought John T. a little pourer thing with sugar syrup that he poured in his "iced tea". Ha!
The little shopping area on KI is called Freshfields Village. It was the neatest little place filled with unique shops, restaurants, and an amazing grocery store! This was the drug store on the island, and it was so cute...very old-fashioned!
After supper & some shopping, we headed back to our little villa. John T. & I took a walk on the beach, while my mom & dad relaxed, and then they joined us later.
I thought this was such an awesome picture!
We had a fabulous Saturday in SC!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mini Vacation-Day OnE

Today, we headed out early for a weekend vacation to Kiawah Island, South Carolina. I had been to KI twice, when I was little, and I was really looking forward to going again!

We arrived around 3:30 and headed straight to the beach. We snapped a view pictures of the beach & other parts of the island, and then we headed to Charleston for the evening.

We were super hungry, and so many people from home told us to try Hyman's Seafood, so we went there first. It was really good, and the portion size was unbelievable!

Boiled peanuts: these were everywhere in the low country!
Mom's shrimp & grits
John T.'s halibut steaks
Dad & I got the same thing...fried clam stips & the biggest fries I have ever seen!
After Hyman's, we walked around the town for a bit...and looked at all of the architecture, alleyways & graveyards...

and then we finally made our way to cupcake!

This was the cutest little cupcake shop! I chose the chocolate tuxedo & it did not disappoint! I <3 ganache!

After Cupcake, we tried to kill time before it got dark because we were waiting to go on a ghost tour around town. It ended up being pretty funny, but it was neat to see a lot of Charleston on foot.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturdays & Sweets

We are having a pretty low key Saturday at home today. John T. has been mowing all morning & taking care of things on the outside of the house, and I have been catching up on laundry & the blog. I absolutely LOVE Saturdays with nothing to do. It is actually just starting to storm, so I am hoping for an afternoon of couch & TV time. :o) Then tonight, we are hoping to grill hamburgers.

I also want to share a new favorite snack that I have discovered, thanks to my mom. Has anyone tried these Mousse Temptations from Jell-O? They are oh so good! I am horrible about needing a chocolate fix after eating or meal, or any time for that matter :o) & these cups of goodness do the trick. Only 60 calories & sugar free! Now, I LOVE my M&M's, but I am in a wedding this fall, and I need to get away from all of my bad sweet eating habits, and I'm hoping these little cups will help me!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brayden's 1st Birthday

Today, we celebrated Brayden Knobloch's 1st Birthday at the new Kingston Pavillion. Brayden's mom, Christina & I have been friends since we were babies. It just seems like yesterday that Whittney and I were at the hospital late on August 18 to see Brayden after he was born. He is the cutest little baby, and I was so glad that I got to be there to celebrate his birthday!
The theme was Mickey Mouse. Everything from the invites to the cake was so precious! Brayden's cake
I loved his little shirt from Doodlebug Designs!
He was so calm the entire time and was so into all of his presents. He stayed so still!
The cake for the party guests
Bray loved him some cake!
My best friends: Whittney, Ashley, & momma Christina